1 dog walking

Leashed group walks are great for socializing and exercising, a max of 4 dogs at one time, significantly less dogs than many competitors. Your pet's safety and health is our top priority! Walks are 40 min.

Small Group Walks Starting at $25 per walk
Private Walks Starting at $30 per walk

2 daytime pet sitting

Your pooch or feline will stay in their familiar home environment and receive a morning visit and an extended evening visit. This service includes: exercise, feeding, give meds, fresh water, treats, and lots of love! Visits start at 30 min.

Morning & Evening Visit $60 per both visits

3 overnight pet sitting

Reserved for regular walking clients only, your pet will receive stress-free, in-home, overnight care right in his or your own bed with a guaranteed 12 hour visit. Your pet will receive exercise, affection, food, fresh water, medication, playtime, and treats right in the comfort of their home. This schedule mimics a 9-5 schedule, so your pet's routine isn't interrupted. Let us know if your pup needs a midday break. We are happy to attend to all of your pet's needs.

12 Hour Stay $80 per night

4 economy cat sitting

We will come to your home to feed, water, give love, treats, and meds to your cat. This is a good option for fairly independent or shy cats.

20 Minute Visit Starting at $25 per visit

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